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Energy and Climate

The Center works to ensure that the Houston region is

a global leader in the energy transition.

Driving the Future

After-school enrichment program about low-carbon energy
STRATEGIC INITIATIVES- Energy – Driving the future and Wonderweek

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About the Program:

Late elementary and middle school students are at the educational stage of exploring their capabilities and interests and making decisions about the course of study they will take in high school and beyond. This age group may choose to learn and pursue STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) education if they connect their learning to what is important to them, which is, increasingly, the climate future. Students and children are acutely aware of climate change and the challenges our planet faces, and they are frequently the influencers in their families and communities, pressing for adults to better conserve the environment.

Houston is a car-centric city that is actively developing approaches to alternative fuels for a lower-carbon future. As the energy capital of the world, we will have a key role in the decarbonization industry. The region needs a talent pipeline of young people interested in pursuing careers in this new energy economy, focused in part on reducing carbon emissions.

For Houston, its employers and industry to be able to meet the challenges of the energy future, we need big ideas and innovation. Driving the Future uses hands-on, engaging activities to introduce students to the concept of the energy transition and alternative fuels, with the aim to inspire and empower them to make a difference to their environment and community.

Specific Goals for the Program:

  • Increasing students’ understanding about the relationship between transportation and climate change
  • Sharing viable options for climate-friendly approaches to transportation.
  • Inspiring students to learn more about the potential for Houston to increase its leadership in clean fuel technologies.
  • Building students’ understandings specific to hydrogen as a fuel source.
  • Getting students to clearly articulate their personal positions and relationships to the future of clean energy in Houston and the world.