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The Center is committed to research and collaborations to improve health and health equity in our communities. 

REPORT: Houston’s Economic Future: Health Care 2022

COVID-19 Highlights Challenges for and Advances by Greater Houston’s Health Care Sector, Which Remains Key to Our Economic Prosperity, New Report Finds.

Discover insights in this comprehensive report on Houston’s health care industry and the health of Houstonians in this report, “Houston’s Economic Future: Health Care 2022 – How Health and Health Equity Affect Our Region,” released by the Center for Houston’s Future. The report is based on over 50 expert interviews, three roundtable discussions, extensive literature reviews, in-depth data analysis, and proprietary economic modeling. It sheds light on the profound impact of COVID-19 on Greater Houston’s healthcare sector, showcasing both challenges and advancements. Houston, known for its healthcare potential, is facing health disparities due to social determinants. Amidst the pandemic, the region demonstrated remarkable innovation in medical care and emerging leadership in life sciences. This report explores pressing issues, from mental health to workforce shortages. Economic modeling foresees a remarkable trajectory, with 1 in 6 jobs added from 2021 to 2036 predicted to be in healthcare, contributing to a significant $63.5 billion boost in the local economy. The report also highlights recommendations for enhancing health equity, technology adoption, and regional collaboration, reinforcing Houston’s potential as a healthcare and economic leader.

Key Points

  • Houston’s health care industry accounts for 11.2% of employment and 5.2% of GDP. Not addressing workforce issues could cost the region $14 billion in GDP in 2036.
  • Life expectancy in Houston has decreased and varies by 23 years depending on the zip code where you reside.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic exposed and exacerbated underlying health issues and disparities. By August 2022 in Houston MSA, 15,000 died from this virus, 4.5 million were vaccinated, and 32.7% of those infected reported experiencing long-Covid.