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a global leader in the energy transition.

REPORT: Houston’s Future as a Global Center for Clean Hydrogen Manufacturing, Recycling and Electrolysis

Houston’s future as a global center for clean hydrogen manufacturing, recycling and electrolysis. Houston holds strategic advantages for becoming a global hydrogen energy hub – specifically for manufacturing equipment key to future hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure in the United States and worldwide.

The Center for Houston’s Future understands these advantages and additional opportunities, as expressed in this report. This new economy will provide significant economic and social benefits as Houston becomes a preeminent global hub for the manufacture and deployment of hydrogen large scale electrolyzer facilities.
Houston’s existing status as a global hub for planning and manufacturing energy systems make it an essential element in any larger scale national plan for transitioning to a hydrogen economy.

To assess the region’s potential as a hub for hydrogen and hydrogen equipment manufacturing, analysis by Partners in Performance and the Center was conducted through interviews and consultation with 100+ market players as well as study of global, national, and local conditions – including technological and economic factors.

Market players surveyed included:

  • Existing businesses with relevance to the supply chain (“suppliers”).
  • Companies that integrate the components for large-scale electrolyzer systems (“integrators”).
  • Public authorities, institutions and other groups who will create supportive conditions (“enablers”).
This engagement confirms Houston’s intrinsic strengths and growing opportunities for providing the “picks and shovels” of the green hydrogen gold rush. A deeper understanding of Houston’s strengths and opportunities reveals actions the city and CHF can take in establishing and accelerating a hydrogen manufacturing value chain.